Do you want to feel rejuvenated and restore your post-baby body from the physical impacts of pregnancy? If so, a mommy makeover provides the right mix of aesthetic procedures to improve your confidence and youthful appearance. A mommy makeover focuses specifically on procedures that address issues associated with pregnancy and nursing.

Procedures Offered with a Mommy Makeover

Each mommy makeover surgery includes a customized surgical plan designed to meet your specific aesthetic goals. Each patient is different and requires a unique combination of procedures. Therefore, the cost for a mommy makeover varies based on the exact procedures included in the surgery.

Dr. Zubowicz meets with each patient in a consultation to discuss the best procedures to achieve your goals. Once you agree on the procedures, you receive a cost quote for the surgery. Dr. Zubowicz aims to provide as much information and clarity as possible to help patients make an informed decision.

What Costs Are Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Unlike most other cosmetic procedures, with a mommy makeover, we can’t quote a set general cost. The customizable nature of a mommy makeover means each surgery has a different price based on the specific procedures included. However, as part of your surgical plan, you receive the free estimate.

For an idea of the starting costs, an uncomplicated abdominoplasty totals around $8,000. The price for breast augmentation surgery varies based on the type of implant used for the procedure. The typical breast augmentation procedure costs $6,040 for silicone gel implants. For saline implants, the cost runs slightly less at $5,240. When a patient adds other procedures, like liposuction or labiaplasty, the prices increase.

However, some costs are set for surgery. These include the physician fee, anesthesia, and the operating room. Also, all pre- and post-operative visits are part of the charge. The cost-benefit of a mommy makeover comes from combining procedures into a mommy makeover package where these fees only occur once for all the procedures included in the package.

Therefore, you can’t merely add the separate fees for each procedure and achieve an accurate cost estimate. With a mommy makeover, the total price will be less than if you added the price for each separate procedure together because of the shared costs. In other words, a mommy makeover is more cost-effective than having different procedures.

Patients also have the option to spend the night in our overnight suite for an additional cost. While a mommy makeover is usually an outpatient procedure, not every patient has a caregiver to help monitor them during the first night post-surgery. The overnight suite provides an alternative for patients.

What Impacts the Overall Cost for a Mommy Makeover?

The specific procedures included in your mommy makeover package impacts the overall cost. For example, one patient may select to include a tummy tuck and a breast lift without implants. A second patient may choose a tummy tuck, liposuction of the buttocks, and a breast reduction. The cost for each patient will differ significantly.

Even if you know someone that previously had a mommy makeover with Dr. Zubowicz, their costs are not a good indicator of the costs for your surgery. Each customized mommy makeover procedure requires a custom quote. The goal is to provide accurate information for each patient based on your unique operation.

As we discussed, the standard costs roll into your total fee only once, even with multiple procedures. Another cost-benefit is you only need to recover once from surgery, which means you have less downtime, which may also impact your overall costs, like with time away from work.

Overall, a mommy makeover provides an efficient option to complete multiple procedures without undergoing the costs and physical impact of multiple, separate surgeries.

Mommy Makeover Financing Options

CareCredit is an option available to finance a mommy makeover procedure. In most circumstances, CareCredit offers an interest-free option for loans paid off within a year. Dr. Zubowicz’s business manager works with patients to get the right financing in place as part of your procedure preparation process.

Most health insurance plans do not cover mommy makeover surgery. However, for patients with specific health issues, the options may differ. Contact your health insurance company to determine the specifics of your policy.

We prioritize patient satisfaction, which means we want the procedure to have a positive outcome in all aspects, including financially. We are transparent about costs. Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns during your consultation.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Your Budget?

Dr. Zubowicz has experienced great success in offering mommy makeover surgeries. Patients love the option to combine multiple procedures into one surgery experience. In the end, the costs are lower by combining the procedures.

However, if a mommy makeover isn’t in your current budget, you still have the option to schedule separate procedures over a longer time. Dr. Zubowicz can help you decide which procedure to address first. Plus, you can have a mommy makeover with fewer procedures, like a tummy tuck and breast lift, while waiting to address other aesthetic goals like fat transfer or a butt lift. With the customization offered in a mommy makeover, you choose what works best for your budget.

Learn More About Mommy Makeovers in Atlanta

To learn more about mommy makeovers, download the free eBook, “The Mommy Makeover Guide,” which includes more detailed information to help you decide if a mommy makeover is right for you.

The Mommy Makeover Guide Dr. Zubowicz

Dr. Zubowicz provides mommy makeovers and other cosmetic procedures in Atlanta’s Buckhead community. Dr. Zubowicz has a reputation for the highest level of patient satisfaction. Patients throughout the Southeast seek out Dr. Zubowicz for his precision and artistry.

If you are ready to take the next step to restore your post-baby body, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Zubowicz to discuss mommy makeover surgery.