Do you desire a tighter and flatter abdominal area? Oftentimes, no matter how much we diet or exercise, the skin, and fat on our abdominal area just won’t improve, especially after pregnancy or major weight loss. Thankfully, an abdominoplasty helps restore the look of your midsection to give you the body of your dreams.

An abdominoplasty is a medical term for a tummy tuck. This procedure addresses three potential problems with the abdominal area, usually seen in women after pregnancy and childbirth.

The three main objectives with a tummy tuck procedure:

  • The removal of excess skin
  • The removal of excess fat
  • Tightening of a lax abdominal wall

Dr. Zubowicz frequently receives questions about tummy tuck procedures, including the benefits, costs, and details for the procedure and recovery. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck? 

With over 35 years of experience as a top plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Zubowicz knows how to determine which patients will benefit most from an abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck surgery is not a good option for patients that are not in reasonably good health. Otherwise, most adults that want a tummy tuck, can safely undergo the procedure.

However, in Dr. Zubowicz’s experience, a person with one or more of the three goals listed above makes a good candidate for an abdominoplasty. Since it is a procedure with some physiologic significance, we conduct a thorough review of the patient’s health and previous medical history before moving forward with the procedure. 

A tummy tuck works best for patients at a stable weight. If you are planning to have more children soon or are in the process of working toward a major weight loss goal, you might opt to delay the procedure until you can benefit long term from the results.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost? 

An uncomplicated abdominoplasty costs $8500. The cost may vary based on each patient’s specific health history. Also, some patients choose to combine other procedures with an abdominoplasty. For example, liposuction in conjunction with a tummy tuck alters the cost. 

The cost includes all the elements for the surgery, including the anesthesia fee, surgical facility costs, and doctor’s fee. Dr. Zubowicz explains the details, including cost, for each procedure during the patient consultation so that you can make an informed decision.

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What is it Like to Get the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Relative to other aesthetic procedures, an abdominoplasty is a considerable procedure. This means the recovery and invasiveness of the procedure are greater than with some other aesthetic surgeries, like liposuction alone. However, with the advent of long-acting, injectable anesthetics into the abdominal wall at the time of surgery, recovery is substantially easier than years ago. In fact, for most patients, it is an outpatient procedure and does not involve the use of drains.

The benefits of a tummy tuck are a firmer and smoother abdominal area. While the procedure is significant, so are the results. We find that patients are happy with their decision to invest in an abdominoplasty. When the patient has a realistic understanding of the procedure, both the recovery and the results align with the patient’s expectations.

What is Abdominoplasty Recovery Like?

The recovery from an abdominoplasty takes in total around three months for the complete return to all normal activities without restrictions. On the day of the surgery, the expectation is for patients to immediately get up and move after surgery. In fact, abdominoplasty is an outpatient procedure for most patients.

Because of the general anesthesia, we recommend patients have someone drive them home and assist with care for the first 24 hours. However, patients can drive once the anesthesia wears off and if they are not taking narcotic pain medication. Most patients can return to work within one to three weeks depending on the nature of their job. Physically demanding careers may require a longer recovery timeframe before returning to work.

Within the first few days after surgery, we encourage walking for exercise as soon as pain levels are tolerable. Suture removal occurs at a one-week post-surgery. Then, the patient may begin light aerobic exercise if it does not involve the abdominal muscles.

At six weeks post-surgery, the patient may begin core exercises gradually. Don’t overdo exercise during the healing process. Allow the abdominal area to heal for the best long-term results. At three months post-surgery, the patient can resume full athletic activity if it is not painful.

How Long Do the Results from a Tummy Tuck Last?

A tummy tuck is a long-term investment. In fact, the results will last a lifetime. The exception to the long-term results is pregnancy. If a patient becomes pregnant after a tummy tuck then the changes from pregnancy can undo some or much of the aesthetic benefits of the operation.

This is one reason we typically recommend for women to wait until they have no more planned pregnancies to schedule an abdominoplasty. We want our patients to receive the greatest benefits from aesthetic procedures.

Why Choose Dr. Zubowicz for a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Dr. Zubowicz is a highly renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon. As such, he has completed countless abdominoplasties over the past 30 years. In addition, during that time, he has introduced improvements to the technique, including progressive tension sutures that improve the shape of the abdomen, eliminate the need for drains, and permit a tension-free skin closure that leads to a much-improved scar.

Patients in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast seek out Dr. Zubowicz for an abdominoplasty and other aesthetic procedures. His reputation for innovation, top quality results, and overall patient care continue to satisfy patients and exceed expectations. 

Contact Dr. Zubowicz for a free consultation for a tummy tuck procedure to start on your path to restoring your body with a smoother and firmer abdominal area.