Body contouring with fat transfer surgery is growing in popularity as more patients learn about the benefits of this aesthetic procedure. As a minimally invasive procedure, patients find the results worth the investment.

Removing unwanted fat from one area of the body and depositing it in an area of deficiency has become a mainstay in plastic surgery. Patients appreciate the dual benefit of fat transfer procedures. Fat transfer allows the patient to determine what areas of their body needs the positive aesthetic benefit of body contouring by minimizing fat in one area and enhancing a separate area.

The face, breasts, and buttocks are the most frequently selected areas for volume enhancement with the patient’s own fat. However, we customize each procedure to meet each patient’s specific goals.

Top Five Reason Patients Choose Body Contouring with Fat Transfer

Reason #1: Minimally Invasive

Unlike some aesthetic procedures, fat transfer is minimally invasive. The risk is less, and the recovery is shorter. In fact, this procedure offers a good option for patients that may have concerns about more invasive procedures. 

The operation, which includes both harvesting and injecting the fat, involves very small poke holes in the skin. We perform many of these operations without general anesthesia. Overall, the process produces outstanding results, especially based on the ease of recovery and limited invasiveness.

Reason #2: Multiple Aesthetic Benefits

With most cosmetic surgeries only one area of the body benefits aesthetically. However, with fat transfer procedures, often the patient receives aesthetic benefits to both the fat harvested area as well as the area of injection.

For example, patients with excess fat in the abdominal area that desire more fullness in the breast area, find fat transfer a solid solution to achieve the results they want. The key with the procedure is that the patient must have adequate fat to transfer for the fullness they desire.

Reason #3: No Visible Scarring

Due to the less-invasive nature of this procedure, the patient doesn’t experience the scarring associated with other surgeries. When the small holes needed to perform this operation heal, they are effectively invisible.

Not only does this improve the overall aesthetic results, but it also minimizes the recovery. With the smaller incision area, there is a smaller area to heal. In addition, the decision to undergo the procedure usually doesn’t feel as difficult because the patient experiences less downtime after surgery.

Reason #4: Custom Options

With body contouring using fat transfer, we offer the patient customized options for the procedure. We work with each patient to understand and satisfy their aesthetic goals. Our goal is patient satisfaction, which means we only recommend procedures we are confident will meet the patient’s needs.

The primary limiting factor is fat volume. For fat transfer to work, the patient must have enough fat to achieve the fullness they desire. When adequate fat is available we then have a variety of customized solutions to offer.

Reason #5: Long Lasting Results

With fat transfer, not all the transferred fat survives. For implant procedures, the implant holds the solution in one place; however, fat transfer doesn’t produce the same results as implants. The other benefits, like less invasiveness and no visible scarring, still make the procedure a great option for many patients.

To counter the loss of some fat, we overcorrect the treatment area slightly. Thankfully, the fat which does survive lives permanently in the new area. Patients experience new and lasting fullness in the fat transferred area.

The Body Contouring Guide Dr. Zubowicz Plastic Surgery Atlanta, GA

Achieve Natural-Looking Results

The popularity of fat transfer procedures continues to grow as more patients learn about this cosmetic surgery option. With fat transfer, the results look natural in both the area of fat removal and the area of injection. Most patients want to achieve their aesthetic goals with natural-looking results.

Fat transfer is ideal for patients that want the addition of subtle volume. For example, fat transfer to the face reduces the appearance of aging by adding fullness. This gives patients a natural way to fill in sagging areas. 

For areas requiring more volume, like the buttocks or hips, the patient needs more fat for the transfer to produce the best results. Dr. Zubowicz provides an honest assessment for each patient to determine if fat transfer is the right procedure to achieve the desired results.

Why Choose Dr. Zubowicz for Your Fat Transfer Procedure

Body contouring gives patients a way to smooth and enhance the body to meet aesthetic goals. Dr. Zubowicz has many years of experience with both harvesting and injecting fat. In his experience, many patients require less than general anesthesia. This helps to reduce the risks of the procedure and speed up the recovery time.

Dr. Zubowicz has a reputation for success. He not only produces the results patients want, he also takes the time to listen to each patient and create a customized plan designed to meet their unique needs. 

Patients in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast seek out Dr. Zubowicz for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including fat transfer. He has over 35 years of experience helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. 

Join In On the Trend

Do you want the dual benefit of body contouring with fat transfer? Do you want to enhance one area of your body while reducing volume in a different area? If so, fat transfer offers the solution you need with a minimally invasive and natural-looking procedure. 

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